Patoni Family - La Familia Patoni
Patoni Family Tree
Develan Placa del General José Maria Patoni
Patoni Family Tree
A Brief Family History
Juan Bautista Patoni
José María Patoni
Jose Maria Patoni in Newspapers
Edna Torres Patoni
Carlos Patoni
Children of Carlos Patoni and Maria Ruperta Dominguez
Maria Guadalupe Patoni
Maria de las Nieves Patoni
Children of Carlos Patoni and Maria de la Luz Echávarri
Dolores "Lola" Patoni
Luis Salvador Patoni
Amalia "Molly" Patoni
Luz Patoni
Maria Francisca "Sara" Patoni
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I have begun building a Patoni Family Tree Web Page using Tribal Pages software. 
Go to the Link below to see what I have uploaded so far.
Please help with this project.  Send your genealogical information to me and I will place it on the Patoni Family Tree Web Page.
I can also upload copies of pictures that are mailed to me.  My e-mail box is too small to accept many photo files.

Patoni Family Tree

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